Exterior Painting Preparation Made Easy

Prepping the Exterior of Your Home for Paint is Important

Exterior painting preparation is not something that should be overlooked because it is actually what takes the majority of time to do. In fact, of all the work that goes into painting your home preparation involves about 80% of that. There are two primary phases of preparation for your home when painting it.

  1. Surface Preparation
  2. Surface Protection

1. Surface Preparation

Preparation of the surface you are planning to paint can include a lot of things. Every home is different though. So, not all of the preparations listed here will be necessary for your home as this is all on a case by case bases. The following is a list of all the possible surface preparations involved in exterior painting.

  1. Mildew Treatment
  2. Pressure Wash
  3. Scraping
  4. Sanding
  5. Priming
  6. Wood Replacements
  7. Wood Rot Treatments
  8. Caulking

Each of these eight things has its’ own procedures to follow. There is a technique to every aspect of surface preparation to make sure it is done properly as well as efficiently. Exterior painting involves a lot of technical know how.

2. Surface Protection

Protecting areas on your home you do not want to have paint on is the next essential preparation process of exterior painting. We utilize tape, plastic, drop clothes, and more to protect areas of your home from paint. There are a few things to consider protecting before you go to paint your home.

  1. Light Fixtures/Fans
  2. Flooring (Decks or Concrete Areas)
  3. Bushes
  4. Windows
  5. A/C Units
  6. Brick, Stone, or Other Areas of Home Not Getting Painted
  7. Cars/Trucks/Vehicles (From OverSpray)
  8. Roofing

We Take the Extra Time to Prep the Exterior of Your Home Before Painting

At Quality Coats Painting, we take more time preparing your home for paint than actually painting. Though costly, painting is actually the easy part of it all! As with most things, the prep involved encompasses the majority of time and energy. We know that here and want to prepare your home properly. This is because we want to become the number one painting company in the East Texas area. We want to be the local painting company you can trust with your project. So, in order to do that – we prepare. We prepare each home, we prepare ourselves, and we prepare to steward the success that will follow good quality exterior paint work. Wondering what all services we offer? You can find our here.

Don’t take our word for it though. See what Sherwin-Williams has to say about exterior painting.

If you’d like to have us paint the exterior of your home, contact us today!

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