Exterior Door Painting Tips

Exterior Door Painting Made Easy

Let’s de-mystify what it takes to paint the exterior of your door. It can seem intimidating to do this if you have not done it before. However, if you follow these exterior door painting tips, you’ll do great!That being said, let’s cover the most important part of painting your door – preparation.

Exterior Door Painting Tips

Preparing Your Door for Paint

Surface Preparation

The most important thing you can do is properly prepare your surface to receive paint. First, you will need to analyze your door. Is the door metal or wood? Has the door already been painted or is it bare? Knowing this will help you in understanding what surface preparation measures to take.

The goal of surface preparation is two-fold. You want the surface to be smooth and consistent so that it will look good when painted. You also want the surface to be able to bond well with the paint so that it does not just peel right off. If you want your paint job to look good and to hold up over time, do not overlook what you need to do for the surface so that it is prepared to receive paint.

If you door has not been painted, you will need to sand and prime the door in order to prepare the surface. A previously painted door may only need to be sanded before receiving paint. However, you will want to test whether it has oil or latex based paint. This is because oil and latex will not bond properly and your paint will peel. The safest thing to do is to always use a bonding primer even if it has been painted. This will ensure a good bond and safeguard peeling.

That being said, there are two primary things you do to prepare the surface – sand and prime.

Surface Protection

Protecting the areas you do not want to paint is just as important as surface preparation. This includes putting something down on the floor to catch paint drips, taping off the door handles and hinges, and taping off any windows that may be on the door. It is worth it to take extra care to mask off areas you do not want painted. You do not want to find yourself on your hands and knees scrubbing your carpet.

Exterior Door Painting Tips

Now that you have done all of the necessary preparations, you are ready to paint your door! Here are some tips to help you along the way.

1. Take Your Time

Painting takes patience. Don’t rush the process. Give yourself a solic thirty minutes to an hour to paint your door. Insure that you are applying a thick coat, getting even coverage, and not applying so much paint that it begins to sag or drip. With painting, you can never be in a hurry or you will make mistakes.

2. Work in Sections

Break down the painting of your doo into smaller sections. I like to paint the inner paneling first and then the cross sections. Finally I paint the parameters. Breaking things into smaller sections allows you to focus and pay attention to detail. Before you move on from a section, look back over your section and make sure it is done before moving on to the next.

3. Look, and Look Again

Once you have completed a section, look it over. After completing another section, look over all the sections you have done. When the door is painted completely, look the whole thing over. Wait a few minutes, then look again. Why? Because you need to make sure that you are getting even coverage, that you are not missing anything, and that the paint is not dripping anywhere.

4. Apply a Second Coat

The final tip is for you to apply a second coat. Usually you will need a second coat in order to get the color to completely cover over the previous color. Though that is important, applying a second coat will also increase the life of your paint job and make it look better too.

Supplies You Will Need for Exterior Door Painting

Here is a simple list of the supplies you will need to paint your door;

  1. Sanding Paper
  2. Five in One
  3. Masking Tape
  4. Masking Plastic
  5. Paint Brush
  6. Paint Roller (Small)
  7. Primer
  8. Your Choice of Paint Color

We Hope This Helps! – Exterior Door Painting Tips

As always, we hope this has helped you understand what you will need to paint the exterior of your door. There is actually a little more to painting that that. However, this will do just fine if you are on a budget. You can always book a pro to paint your door which is what we recommend.

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