A photo of a kitchen cabinets that is minty blue to encourage homeowners to painting cabinets.

Ready To Paint Your Cabinets?

Painting cabinets is a great way to update the look of your kitchen or bathroom. It’s a simple DIY project that can have a big impact on the overall aesthetic of your home. However, it’s important to properly prepare and execute the project to ensure a professional-looking finish. Here are five key points to consider when painting cabinets.

Clean, dry surfaces are a must

A photo used to encourage painters to wipe down the cabinets before painting.

Before you even think about reaching for a paintbrush, it’s essential to thoroughly clean and sand your cabinets. Any dirt or imperfections will show through the paint, so it’s important to make sure the surface is as smooth as possible. This step may seem tedious, but it’s essential for achieving a flawless finish. It may even be necessary to sand down any cracks or damage depending on how old your cabinets are. 

Invest in high-quality paint

An image of a white paint can against a brown wood background to emphasize the importance of choosing the right paint when painting cabinets.

Cheap paint is more likely to peel or chip over time, which will ultimately cost you in the long run as you’ll have to repaint sooner. Instead, opt for a good-quality paint specifically designed for cabinets. These paints are usually more durable and easier to clean, making them a wise investment for the most used cabinets. Look for a paint that has good coverage and a long-lasting finish. 2k poly paint is the best quality to use for cabinets but does require proper mixing.

Choose the right tools for the job

A photo of a hand using a brush to paint a cabinet white to highlight the importance of using the right tools when painting cabinets.

Using the wrong brush or roller can result in a poor-quality finish, with streaks or brush marks visible on the surface of the cabinets. To achieve a smooth, professional-looking finish, use a brush or roller specifically designed for use with enamel paints. These types of brushes and rollers are made with finer bristles or fibers, helping distribute paint evenly and smoothly. They also tend to hold more paint, allowing you to cover larger areas with fewer strokes. 

Allow adequate drying time

A photo of a well-lit kitchen with white cabinets to show the importance of allowing paint to dry properly when painting cabinets.

It’s important to follow the recommended drying time listed on the can and give the paint enough time to fully cure. This ensures that the paint has reached its maximum durability and is less likely to peel or chip. Avoid opening and closing the cabinet doors too much during the drying process to prevent smudging. Always wait at least 24 hours before using the cabinets or hanging items on the doors to ensure that the paint is fully set.

Wrapping Up

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to a successful cabinet painting project. With a little patience and attention to detail, you can give your kitchen or bathroom a fresh new look without breaking the bank. Just remember to take your time and use high-quality materials to ensure a durable, long-lasting finish. Here at Quality Coats we offer a wide variety of cabinet painting services and our team of expert painters are happy to help you with this project! We also only use 2k Poly paints when painting cabinets, so you can be sure that you’re always getting the finest quality.

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