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Upfront Pricing

The price you are quoted is the price you will pay. Unless of course you would like us to perform some more work for you!

Fully Insured

We carry $1,000,000.00 dollar insurance with our company. We believe in protecting ourselves as well as you.

We Only Hire Pros

We take the time to hire and train every one of our employees. You can rest assured that we have done the hard part of finding good people to work for you.

Labor Warrantied

We offer both 2 and 5 year labor warranty options for our projects. We believe in doing it right the first time. However, we stand behind our brand and will fix any issues related to labor.

Project Updates

We communicate often with our clients before the project begins about scheduling as well as throughout the production process.

A+ BBB Rating

You do not have to just take our word for it. We have an A+ rating with the BBB and want to keep it that way! We know that reputation is everything.

Our Most Recent Commercial Painting Project

Brownsborro, TX Highschool Interior Repaint

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Our Commercial Painting Services

An attractive freshly painted school and classroom ready for students


Children are our future! The environment that they learn in means everything to their development. We have done multiple school repaints to update and beautify this environment. These have been some of the more rewarding projects we have had the opportunity to paint. Not only are the finished projects amazing to see, knowing the difference we are making in the community with our painting talents means the world. 

Keys to an apartment for property management painting services


We provide turn key solutions for all things painting related when it comes to property management. Whether working with a bank directly or a property management company, we provide painting solutions with peace of mind. You can rest assured that we will get the job done right the first time. This allows you to focus more on the rest of your business and less on securing a trusted painter. 

repainted kitchen being prepared for getting a house ready to sell

Sell Ready Services

When buying or selling a home, painting work usually gets put on the list of important things to get done. This list generally grows larger than you originally imagine. When choosing to paint with us to get your home ready to move into or ready to sell, you can rest assured that you will not need to worry about the painting looking great or being done correctly. This frees up your time to worry about all the other things associated with the process of buying or selling a home. Let us take some of the stress out of this for you!

Exterior painted homes that are HOA compliant

Home Owner's

Having a trusted painter for your HOA to call on is important. By using one company to repaint the fencing or the exteriors of your homes, you can save money. We treat our HOA partners as if they are buying our services wholesale because we want to build a long term relationship with them. This becomes a win win for us as well as everyone in the neighborhood who needs painting work.

New repainted church sanctuary with lighting


Both the outside and inside of a church are important to keep up to date. Painting the outside of your church protects it from the elements and keeps you from having to pay for more expensive repairs down the road. Painting the inside of your church will keep it looking great and up to date. The paint job is one of the first things that people will see. If your church has dated, faded, moldy, and peeling paint anywhere, what message does this send? Take care of God’s house!

Apartment face that has been repainted


The paint job on an apartment complex is one of the first thing that people see. To set your apartment apart, updating the exterior of your complex provides a quick way to show that you care about your tenants. This also creates curb appeal, attracting tenants. Updating the insides of the apartment shows true care for your tenants. This is one of the best ways to keep people around long term. No one wants to live in a shabby apartment. Update yours today!

Hotel room with a beautiful dark painted wall


Hotels receive a lot of wear and tear inside and out over years of use. The inside is important to keep looking good so that you don’t receive a bad reputation as a poor place to stay. The outside, likewise, sends the first message as to what kind of hotel you are and what you value. Not only that, if you are part of a franchise, keeping these up to date are required. Let us be that painter you trust to keep your hotel looking great for years to come!

Fresh new paint job in a restaurant with restored paint and fiish work


It has been said that people eat with their eyes as much as with their taste buds. The environment you create for your restaurant sets the mood for the type of experience you want your clients to have. A good environment means a great experience. This translates to return customers and word of mouth rapport. We can help both keep your restaurant maintained as well as help you design the type of experience you want your client to have through the use of color. 

office painted by Quality Coats Painting


There are multiple reasons for painting your office. Maybe you want to set a better mood for your workspace. Different colors can promote better focus and more energy. Or, maybe tenants have moved out of your office building and you need to make small improvements before renting back out. Whatever your reason for painting an office, we have got you covered. Schedule a consult with us today!

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