Exterior Paint Job in Mineola, TX

Mineola, TX Lake House Painted to Perfection

We completed this job which was located off of Lake Holbrook in Mineola, TX. This lake house was painted using high quality mildew resistant paint. This is because there is so much moisture in the air that houses which are located on the lake are much more prone to mildew damage. With this mildew resistant paint, we are able to give more years to this paint job.

This is How the Home Looked Before We Painted It

There was mildew damage all over the home. It had also oxidized causing the paint to look faded and worn out. We performed a mildew treatment and pressure wash, then caulked the house up in order to seal it and protect the wood better from water.


This Is What the Job Looked Like Once We Finished Painting It

This job was challenging in a lot of ways. There was a lot of wood rot damage that we had to address. At the end of the day, we made this painting job look beautiful.


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