Exterior Paint Project Completed Near Winona, TX

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We offer best in class painting work. Check out the before and afters of this project. We loved being a part of this one and making this home beautiful again. We gave it a major update! Our client wanted something would last long, so we used Sherwin-William Emerald paint on it. This paint has superior durability, UV protection, and mildew resistance. It also goes on beautifully and provides great coverage on color changes. If you like our work, you should schedule an estimate with us! We would love to have a look at your project and customize a quote to meet your exact needs.

This is How the Home Looked Before We Painted it

This home had not been painted in about a decade. It was outdated, oxidized, faded, cracking, and in need of some love. So, we took the time to nurse it back to shape. First, we perform a pressure was a mildew treatment. Then, we properly caulk all the cracks and fill all the nail holes. Finally, we mask off the project to protect what we don’t want to get paint on. Then, it’s time to paint.

Here is the finished paint project near Winona, Tx

After performing all the needed preparations, it was time to paint. We painted this home over the course of a couple of days. We applied two coats to this home as our client requested. One thing about our company, we make sure to give our client’s exactly what they want and need. Look at the results of some hard work from a local paint company in your area!


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