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Exterior house painting is what we built our company on. It is what we know best and what we do best. We offer both two and five year labor warranties for our exterior projects.

Our Exterior Painting Services

front of gorgeous ranch style home with new exterior paint

Exterior House

Exterior painting is generally a need and not just a want. The paint job on your home protects the rest of your home from the elements. Once this begins to fail, water begins to seep in. This leads to the rotting of the substrates. Replacing the trim, facia, soffit, and even siding of your home is MUCH more expensive than consistently painting it. We are the pros for the project! 

Man pressure washing for Quality Coats Painting


We provide pressure washing for both your home as well as your driveways. Every exterior paint job we do begins with a mildew treatment and pressure wash. What happens when you do not plan to paint? Often companies will use chemicals that will break down your paint over time. Call the pros so you can have your home maintained while increasing instead of decreasing the life of your paint!

Deck that has been cleaned and re stained

Deck Staining
& Painting

Maintaining your deck is important. A fresh layer of paint, stain, or polyurethane will preserve the wood for years to come instead of rot away. Most people do not realize the importance of a fresh coat of paint or stain on your deck. It generally needs to be done more than any other surface in order to increase the life of the wood. This is due to the heavy amount of traffic and sunlight it receives. 

white picket fence repainted by Quality Coats

Fence Staining
& Painting

Keeping your fence maintained with stain or paint provides instant curb appeal to your home. It also keeps the wood protected on the fence. This is an area that typically receives a lot of sunlight and will need to be maintained every few years. Let us be the ones to do it!

Lime washing brick that is treated with a special coating


Lime washing your interior chimney or the exterior of your home has began to trend in design lately. This Roman classical effect adds a distressed and textured country look to your home while keeping it looking modern at the same time. However, this effect can be difficult to achieve. Hire a pro to lime wash the brick on your home. You will end up with the most unique house on the block.  

Painted brick with bright beautiful painted colors


Changing the natural color of a brick home is becoming more and more common. It is the industry norm to leave your brick raw. However, painting a brick home can give it an entirely different look and feel. To achieve this effect without the paint aging poorly and beginning to peel, you need to know what you’re doing. That is where we come in. We can paint your brick the right way in order to keep it looking great. 

Beautifully painted pergola in an entertainment area

Pergola Staining
and Painting

Pergolas are another one of those areas of a home that typically receives a ton of sunlight. This means they need to be redone every few years to keep them looking good and lasting long. Trust us to provide you with the best service experience and stain or paint your pergola the right way. 

Carpentry repair in preparation for a paint job by Quality Coats Painting

Wood Repair

Often when a home has not been painted in over seven years or if the original paint job was not properly sealed, wood rot will begin to occur. We can do the job of replacing the rotted wood in order to keep your home looking great as well as protecting it from rotting from deeper within than these surfaces and causing greater damage.

Painted brick with bright beautiful painted colors


Front doors typically are the doors that need to be refinished. These are stained or painted doors that typically will receive a lot of sunlight as well as wear and tear. Refinishing these doors, especially when stained, can be a difficult process. This is definitely something that you want to leave to pros like us to do!

Why You Should Trust Us With Your Exteior Painting

Dollar sign


When you receive a painting estimate from one of our representatives, you can rest assured that the price that you are quoted is the price that you will pay. We do not include any hidden fees. It is our responsibility to get our pricing right. However, if you would like more work done or change the original scope, we will create a change order and have it approved by you before moving forward with the work. 

Paint brush

We Only Hire

We take the time to only hire the best of people into our company. On top of that, all of our painters go through extensive paint training before ever setting foot on a job site. We want to ensure that our guys not only know how to paint, but know how to paint the Quality Coats Painting way. This culture of excellent painting is woven into our company in order to provide our clients with an excellent experience when getting their home painted.

Talking box


Once you have decided on our company for your house painting project, we hand off your contract to our production manager. Once your project comes across their desk, you can expect them to be in touch with you consistently. Their responsibility is to keep you updated on the scheduling of your project, keep you up to do on the progress of the your house once we get it started, and monitor the job periodically to keep all of our guys on the field accountable to excellent workmanship and cleanliness. 

Checkmark shield


Our company carries and maintains 1,000,000.00 dollar liability insurance. We work hard to make sure that we never have to use that insurance. However, if something unforeseen happens, we will take full responsibility for the issue and get it taken care of. We want you to have full peace of mind when hiring us that you are not only going to receive a good paint job, but everything else will be protected as well. 

Paint roller


We offer both 2 and 5 year warranties for our painting work. The 5 year warranty is only offered for exterior projects. The only difference between the 2 and 5 year warranties is that we use a higher quality paint and you can call us to provide touch ups for another 3 years after the job is completed.

Bright star


Don’t just take our word for it. We have great reviews all across the internet! Reputations are earned. We have earned ours by always putting our clients first. Here at Quality Coats Painting, we care about every project. We cannot promise that issues will not arise. However, we can promise that we will take full responsibility for your project and make things right every time.

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