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Exterior Repainting

Many elements go into ensuring that a home is painted properly to protect it long term and give it a fresh and beautiful new look. Learn more about every step of the process. 


A simple way to make a brick home stand out is by painting the exterior with a unique color. Click below to learn about how to give an old brick home a major face lift.


Water and wood don’t mix. The longevity of your deck depends on the stain used to treat and protect it from the elements. Learn more about how we do this.


Fence staining is a necessary but labor-intensive job. Learn about all the steps that go into protecting the wood for years to come.


Lime washing is an intricate process that can completely transform any brick home to give it a uniquely textured surface. Find out what exactly goes into this project by clicking below.


Rotting wood happens. The exterior painting process will always include examining what wood needs to be replaced before a single coat is laid. Click below to learn about this important aspect of home renovation.

Pressure Washing

The first step to exterior painting is prepping the house and making sure the house is clean and mildew free. Find out more about how this simple process can completely rejuvenate your home exterior.

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