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We take care of our family by providing excellent paint jobs in the community. Family is what motivates and drives us to do great work every time. We want to leave a lasting legacy in the area by standing for excellence and success as an obligation to our loved ones. We achieve this through conscientious painting, which is trained and woven into our company culture. 

Our Interior Painting Services

Living room with new paint colors

Interior Repainting

The inside of your home is where you spend the majority of your time. The way this space looks and feels means everything. Your interior paint job sets the mood for your psyche and tone for your day. A space that has the wrong color palette will alter your mood for the worse without you even realizing it. If you’d like to update your colors, or simply refresh the space you live we can help. 

Brand new cabinets painted by Quality Coats for a kitchen


Updating your cabinets can change your entire kitchen for the better. However, you want to hire someone that knows exactly what they are doing. There is a lot that can go wrong with cabinet refinishing when it is not done properly. This can leave you left with peeling cabinets that do not stand the test of time. Hire a professional when you choose to paint your cabinets. Hire Quality Coats Painting!

beautifully painted wall in muted colors by Quality Coats Painting in Lindale


Sometimes you do not need to repaint your entire home. Maybe you just would like to paint one room or some accent walls in your house. Whatever the case may be, we are the professionals to trust with all of your wall painting needs. We will properly protect the things you do not want to have painted. We will also properly prep the walls to receive the paint and look brand new. 

New trim work with a gorgeous bright paint job

Trim & Door

Maybe the walls and ceiling of your home are in good enough shape, but your trim and/or doors are looking pretty rough. These areas end up getting the most wear and tear because of wear they are located. Updating your trim and/or doors can make it look like you’ve gotten an entire paint job without having to pay the full cost of one. 


Carefully and beautifully repainted ceiling creating a smooth surface


There are many reasons that you may need just your ceiling painted. The most important aspect of painting ceilings is protecting the floor and furniture from paint overspray (which both spray rigs and rollers create). Painting ceilings can be very difficult due to their height as well as the overhead aspect of work it entails. So get the pros to do it for you!

Drywall repaired and painted with a fresh coat of paint

Repair and Replace

Wholes in drywall can be caused by multiple things. All of them need to be addressed in the same way. We know exactly what to do in order to make that hole completely disappear. We do NOT recommend that you try to do this yourself. It is very difficult with lots of moving parts. Make sure you hire a professional like us to repair and replace your drywall. 

Slap brush knockdown textured wall painted by Quality Coats Painting


We provide a full suite of various custom and standard textures for both your walls and ceilings. We can create a new texture in an old space, apply a texture into a new space, as well as texture match problem areas or holes. Texture goes on both your walls and your ceiling. It is important to get this right before committing to paint, and we know how to do it.

Ceiling with popcorn ceiling removed


Almost no one likes the popcorn in their older home. However, removing this stuff is MESSY and DIFFICULT. This is definitely something that you should leave to the pros as there are multiple things to consider and multiple difficult stages before successful completion. We have done tons of these projects and know just what to do to make it as smooth and quick as possible. 

Bright multicolored seamless pattern with geometric shapes. Decor for fabric and wallpaper.


Wallpaper is usually an outdated eyesore in your home. Removing it can immediately update and beautify a space. However, removing can be quite challenging. Depending on how it was glued, this stuff comes off in bit by bit in tiny chunks. One wall can take hours and hours of scraping to successfully remove the wallpaper. Then you need to properly mud and texture the wall for paint. This is definitely something to be left to the pros. 

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When you receive a painting estimate from one of our representatives, you can rest assured that the price that you are quoted is the price that you will pay. We do not include any hidden fees. It is our responsibility to get our pricing right. However, if you would like more work done or change the original scope, we will create a change order and have it approved by you before moving forward with the work. 

Paint brush

We Only Hire

We take the time to only hire the best of people into our company. On top of that, all of our painters go through extensive paint training before ever setting foot on a jobsite. We want to ensure that our guys not only know how to paint, but know how to paint the Quality Coats Painting way. This culture of excellent painting is woven into our company in order to provide our clients with an excellent experience when getting their home painted.

Talking box


Once you have decided on our company for your house painting project, we hand off your contract to our production manager. Once your project comes across their desk, you can expect them to be in touch with you consistently. Their responsibility is to keep you updated on the scheduling of your project, keep you up to do on the progress of the your house once we get it started, and monitor the job periodically to keep all of our guys on the field accountable to excellent workmanship and cleanliness. 

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Our company carries and maintains 1,000,000.00 dollar liability insurance. We work hard to make sure that we never have to use that insurance. However, if something unforeseen happens, we will take full responsibility for the issue and get it taken care of. We want you to have full piece of mind when hiring us that you are not only going to receive a good paint job, but everything else will be protected as well. 

Paint roller


We offer both 2 and 5 year warranties for our painting work. The 5 year warranty is only offered for exterior projects. The only difference between the 2 and 5 year warranties is that we use a higher quality paint and you can call us for another 3 years. 

Bright star


Don’t just take our word for it. We have great reviews all across the internet. Reputations are earned. Wee have earned ours by always putting our clients first. Here at Quality Coats Painting, we care about every project. We cannot promise that issues will not arise. However, we can promise that we will take full responsibility for your project and make things right every time.

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