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Founded in 2019, Quality Coats Painting was built with a two fold mission in mind. First, we want to provide the highest of quality paint jobs to our clients with a stress free experience. Second, we want to provide excellent job opportunities to the community. Help us become the premiere interior and exterior house painting company in East Texas. Schedule your house painting estimate today! 

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A picture of Hayden Owens (the owner) with Joy Owens (our marketing manager) as well as their children - alongside the company vehicle for Quality Coats Painting, professional house painting company

A Family Owned and Locally Operated House Painting Company

A picture of Hayden Owens (the owner) with Joy Owens (our marketing manager) as well as their children - alongside the company vehicle for Quality Coats Painting, professional house painting company

We take care of our family by providing excellent paint jobs in the community. Family is what motivates and drives us to do great work every time. We want to leave a lasting legacy in the area by standing for excellence and success as an obligation to our loved ones.

Our Interior and Exterior Home Painting Services

We offer a suite of painting services to meet your needs. These include interior painting, exterior painting, cabinet refinishing, and more. This includes both commercial and residential painting services. Whether you need your home or business painted, we are the house painting company you should choose!


Interior painting is a great way to freshen up or entirely update a living space. You can trust our pros to respect your space and get in and out in a timely manner. 


Painting your cabinets is an easy way to freshen up any kitchen. You are in your kitchen almost more than any other room. Make it your own with a fresh paint job!


Your home is one of the most important investments that you make. Paint protects this investment and keeps your home looking excellent.


Commercial painting takes timeliness, professionalism, and attention to detail. We check all of those boxes and would love to paint your commercial project.

Why You Should Make Us Your Interior Exterior Cabinet Commercial Residential Painting Company

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When you receive a painting estimate from one of our representatives, you can rest assured that the price that you are quoted is the price that you will pay. We do not include any hidden fees. It is our responsibility to get our pricing right. However, if you would like more work done or change the original scope, we will create a change order and have it approved by you before moving forward with the work. 

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We Only Hire

We take the time to only hire the best of people into our company. On top of that, all of our painters go through extensive paint training before ever setting foot on a jobsite. We want to ensure that our guys not only know how to paint, but know how to paint the Quality Coats Painting way. This culture of excellent painting is woven into our company in order to provide our clients with an excellent experience when getting their home painted.

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Once you have decided on our company for your house painting project, we hand off your contract to our production manager. Once your project comes across their desk, you can expect them to be in touch with you consistently. Their responsibility is to keep you updated on the scheduling of your project, keep you up to do on the progress of the your house once we get it started, and monitor the job periodically to keep all of our guys on the field accountable to excellent workmanship and cleanliness. 

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Our company carries and maintains 1,000,000.00 dollar liability insurance. We work hard to make sure that we never have to use that insurance. However, if something unforeseen happens, we will take full responsibility for the issue and get it taken care of. We want you to have full peace of mind when hiring us that you are not only going to receive a good paint job, but everything else will be protected as well. 

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We offer both 2 and 5 year warranties for our painting work to ensure long lasting satisfaction. The 5 year warranty is only offered for exterior projects. The difference between our 2 year warranty and our 5 year warranty is that we use a higher quality paint with our latter option and you can call on us for touchups for up to 3 years after the job is completed. 

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Don’t just take our word for it. We have great reviews all across the internet! Reputations are earned. We have earned ours by always putting our clients first. Here at Quality Coats Painting, we care about every project. We cannot promise that issues will not arise. However, we can promise that we will take full responsibility for your project and make things right every time.

M Taylor
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"Quality Coats is the most professional paint crew I have ever worked with from the salesman through cleanup. On-site crew were very communicative and precise in their painting. I’ve got more projects upcoming and will definitely reach out to them again."
Karen Miller
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"They did a high quality, professional paint job on the interior and exterior of a house I bought. I was very pleased with their work and prices."
Virginia Justice
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"Quality Coats is THE best painting company around. They are professional and their work is top notch. I will ALWAYS call them when I have a paint job."
Andy Marshburn
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"Hayden and his crew did an absolutely amazing job for us. He is very thorough and detailed. He did everything he said he was going to do and did it in a very professional manner. I would definitely use him again and would recommend him to anyone. He is professional, trustworthy, and a genuinely good person."
Molly Mckendry
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"Hayden and the crew did an amazing job on our home !"
Marie Alfred
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"I had my porches and carport repainted. I am very happy with the finished product. This required a lot of sanding and preparation because the porches are 25 years old. They now look like newly built additions to my home!"
R Fenton
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"Haden and Quality Coats did a Great job on painting they did at our church. I highly recommend them to anyone! Thank you!"
Paul Greene
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"I highly recommend Quality Coats. Will use them again."

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FAQs About Our House Painting

Yes! We offer both 2 year and 5 year warranties for all of our painting work. 

Every home is different. Exterior repaints can range from 2,000.00 dollars to 18,000.00 dollars. Interior repaints can range from 6,000.00 dollars to 54,000.00 dollars. The average exterior costs about 3,200.00 dollars and the average interior costs about 9600.00 dollars. These numbers can change based on factors ranging from the size of the home to the state of the home. A larger home will cost more money to paint than a smaller home. A home in disrepair will cost more money to repaint than a home that has been well maintained over the years. 

When we come to do your estimate, we are sure to customize it in order to get you exactly what you need and want out of your paint job. We also can provide different package options so that you can reference your budget and plan accordingly. 


On average, an exterior repaint will take us about three days to complete and an exterior repaint will take us about eight days to complete. These time frames can range based on the size and state of your home. 

Once we come to do an estimate for you, we can also provide a rough schedule for when we think we will be done. These time frames are not set in stone as there could be unforeseen circumstances such as rain that postpone the project completion. We remain in steady communication with you along the way. We are happy to do our best to accommodate any deadline you may have in regards to your painting project. 

Yes, we have a 1,000,000.00 dollar insurance policy on our painting company. 

We founded our business in 2019. We have been in business for four years now and look forward to many more with our excellent team!

We require a deposit of 25% in order to get scheduled in. We do not ask for a penny more until you are satisfied with the finished product. 

Once you have submitted your deposit, you will have 72 hours to deliberate and change your mind. After this allotted time, we charge a 10% cancellation fee. 

We do not currently offer in house financing. However, there are multiple third party options we can point you to in order to help finance any project you need done. 

We do offer 10% discounts for our paint work. 

In order to receive this discount we ask the following from you:

  1. Be willing to work with our schedule.
  2. Book with us within 2 weeks of your free estimate. 

We Would Love the Chance to Earn Your Business!

We pride ourselves in providing the best possible house painting that we can. In an industry riddled with shady characters, we want to be the house painting company that is trusted in the area. It is our aim to become East Texas’ premiere home painting company. You can help us achieve this by giving us a chance to earn your business. Schedule an estimate today, and plan your paint job!

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